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As we use PIBA Mortgage Services for our mortgage applications, a fee of €250 is due should we feel that your mortgage application is a valid application which matches their lending criteria. This fee is payable on application and is not in any way an indication of mortgage/loan approval.

We may receive up to 1% (or whatever maximum is applicable) of the loan for arranging mortgage finance. This commission is paid by the mortgage lender.

Please note that lenders may charge specific fees in certain circumstances and if this applies, these fees will be specified in your Loan Offer. You have the right to pay a fee separately and not include it in the loan.  Typically, this situation arises in relation to specialist lending. If this is your preferred arrangement, fees will be agreed in advance.

If we provide mortgage advice and obtain a Loan Offer for you and you subsequently do not proceed with your mortgage application through our firm, we will charge you an arrangement fee which will be notified and agreed in advance for our services.

Life Fees
You may elect to deal with us on a fee basis.

Advice or Fees :   € 175 – €450 per hour

Additional fees may be payable for complex cases or to reflect value, specialist skills or urgency.

Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) – Fees
Where advice is requested for PRSAs, the following hourly fees will apply:

Advice or fees: € 175- €450 per hour

Additional fees may be payable for complex cases or to reflect value, specialist skills or urgency. We will give an estimate of this rate in advance of providing you with services. If we receive commission from a product provider, this will be offset against the fee which we will charge you. Where the commission is greater than the fee due, the commission will become the amount payable to the intermediary unless an arrangement to the contrary is made.

A requirement for the recent addendum to the Consumer Protection Code (Provision 4.58A), is that each broker must now make available to their customers a summary of the details of all arrangements for any fee, commission, other reward or remuneration that they can receive from each life company. This needs to be displayed on our web site and as in keeping with the  CPC guidelines, can be found here.