We’re delighted to announce a new range of Capital Protected Products

What is a Capital Protected Product?

Capital Protected Products are investments that have a level of Capital Protection built into them. They offer protection from falling investment markets and vary from 85%,90%,95% and some even offer 100% capital protection.

How does the Protection work?

With a 90% Capital Product, even if the underlying index or market falls substantially, when you mature the investment, your fund won’t have fallen more than the level of protection, which in this case is 10%. With a 100% Capital Protected bond, your invest is 100% Capital Protected against any falls in stock markets or indexes.

Is this suitable for everyone?

As with all investments, there is NO ‘one size fits all’ solution. When advising clients on all investments we take several possible factors into consideration BEFORE advising you on any one product. We would always conduct a full financial review with all clients outling risks, charges and terms & conditions.

Why not contact us today for a review and discuss if some of these products are right for you… Call us at 042 93 39337 or email is info@christymcgee.com for more details


*** Please note that although you would have access to your funds within the terms, exit penalties apply and you would end up getting back less than you originally invested. Capital Protection only applies at maturity. This would not suit an investor who needs constant access to their money.