How will Auto-Enrollment work ?


  The Irish Government has announced the principles of the proposed Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System (the “auto-enrolment system”) for Ireland. The auto-enrolment system will require employees who meet certain criteria to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme by their employers. Although a lot of the detail in relation to how the auto-enrolment [...]

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CP 116 Guidelines


A requirement for the recent addendum to the Consumer Protection Code (Provision 4.58A), is that each broker must now make available to their customers a summary of the details of all arrangements for any fee, commission, other reward or remuneration that they can receive from each life company. This needs to be displayed on our [...]

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Pensions… Its like saving for a 20 year holiday


Cast yourself forward, it's June, your heading on holidays somewhere lovely and sunny for two weeks with the family, or perhaps just the two of you. You've probably started saving for it for a few weeks or months before hand. A few Euro here and there so to speak. You picture the sun, the sea [...]

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Pensions Timebomb for Self Employed


This pensions bombshell was delivered by the Department of Social Protection to the IFA recently. “We were advised that all these women are going to get when they reach retirement/pension age at 66 years, is a refund of the PRSI payments, which they have made,” said IFA spokeswoman Maura Canning following a meeting with Department officials. “They are not entitled to a contributory pension, even [...]

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