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With everyone these days becoming more ‘health conscious’ and turning to sports as a way of keeping fit, We can provide you with a policy that pays you up to 50% of your salary should you become unable to work as a result of injury, either on or off the pitch.

We provide you with a useful add on which pays out between €1000 – €3000 depending on what bone you break. All this for as little as €20 per month.

* Remember, there is no obligation on your employer to pay sick pay… We need to look after ourselves .

Below is an example of the injuries and amounts we pay out :


Fracture of upper leg €3,000
Open Fracture of skull €3,000
Dislocation of ankle €2,500
Closed fracture of skull €1,700
Dislocation of elbow €1,700
Dislocation or hip €1,700
Fracture of arm €1,700
Fracture of lower leg/Ankle €1,700
Fracture of foot €1,300
Fracture of jaw/Cheekbone €1,300
Dislocation of shoulder €1,300
Fracture of vertebrae €1,300
Fracture of shoulder blade €1,300
Fracture of wrist €1,300
Fracture of ribs €1,000
Fracture of collarbone €1,000