Why not make sure your loved ones are taken care off financially …

It seems odd to us in the office that most people have no problem with €65.00 per month for Sky TV, €40 for mobile phone, €35 per month for Broadband but don’t consider €20 per month for life insurance a priority. Why would they though, after all, its us as financial brokers that often sees that difference that having life insurance can make to loved ones..

Most people would have their life insurance on their mortgages but nothing else. So in the event of them passing away, the banks are taken care off, but their families have no additional money to pay for funeral bill, outstanding smaller loans, child minding etc. ( Child mining can cost €30 per day, thats €150 per week or €7800 per year.)

As a financial broker its our job to sit down in front of clients, normally in their own homes and run through all their expenses and out goings in order for us to make sure that all of them are covered in the event of death.

By visiting a broker you get a more competitive market place quote, as brokers are not tied to any life insurance companies for business, as most banks currently are. We shop around the market place and get quotes from all 8 life insurance companies in order to present you with the most informed competitive choice available to you.

After all you wouldn’t buy a car or a holiday without shopping around, so why should life insurance be any different?

At Christy McGee Insurances Ltd, we don’t just do life insurance… 

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